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A Song Across Wires (2013)

A Song Across Wires // BT 2013      

Ninth studio album and debut album with Armada Music. Listen as individual tracks and one 76:15 minute intricate, seamless mix. “It’s a symbiotic interweaving of my crazy nano-top-shelf-OCD production aesthetic and the current state of EDM.” Interview with DJ Times Photography by Myriam Santos and design by Gavin Taylor.

Release Date: August 16, 2013 DIGITAL



  • Skylarking
  • Letting Go (with Fractal, JES)
  • Tomahawk (with Adam K)
  • City Life (with Fractal, Bada)
  • Stem The Tides (with tyDi & Tania Zygar)
  • Tonight (with tyDi & JES)
  • Love Divine (with Stefan Dabruck & Christian Burns)
  • Surrounded (with Aqualung)
  • Vervoeren
  • Calling Your Name (with Tritonal and Emma Hewitt)
  • Must Be The Love (with Arty & Nadia Ali)
  • Lifeline (with Dragon, Jontron & Senadee)