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In Search of Sunrise 13.5 Amsterdam – Richard Durand with BT

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In Search of Sunrise 13.5 Amsterdam Richard Durand with BT

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“Richard is thrilled in 2015 to welcome the one-&-only, in-the-dictionary-under-legendary BT to the I.S.O.S. decks! Brian brings with him an unparalleled sound, as well as a new stylistic, artistic tangent to the fabled series.  

Together Brian and Richard have sought, signed and woven a best-of-the-best trance/progressive/house nexus into ‘13.5’s disc triad. Across 47 tracks, they feature the latest, hottest and brightest from dozens of producers, Andy Moor, Tenishia, Arty, Moonbeam, LTN, Andy Duguid and Dimension being just a few. Additionally, it also features numerous ‘I.S.O.S. 13.5’ exclusives, including the forthcoming, ready-to-thrill R.D. singles ‘Typhoon’ and ‘Time Warp’.”

Released: July 20, 2015


Electronic Opus Update: USB drives and pins

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The USB drives & pins are in! AND the album is ALMOST perfect!

Kickstarter rewards are gearing up to be sent out! Stay tuned for more updates & keep an eye on your emails for a Kickstarter Rewards Survey so that we make sure your rewards get sent to the right place!

Posted by Electronic Opus on Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Electronic Opus Update

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BT is still putting some finishing touches on the album! Thank you all for your patience and support in this project! It truly could not have been done without you all!

In the meantime we are gearing up to get all these Kickstarter rewards out to you! Stay tuned for more info & remember to keep an eye out for a Kickstarter survey. This survey will make sure that your reward makes it to the right place!

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