Flaming June (Ashley Wallbridge Remix)

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A record which evokes immediate flashbacks of a defining era for dance music, BT’s classic ‘Flaming June’, despite nearing it’s 20th birthday is still a true favourite amongst the scene, and is widely considered to be one of Grammy-nominated producer BT’s finest works. Bringing ‘Flaming June’ bang up-to-date is Progressive stalwart, Ashley Wallbridge, who injects BT’s seminal Original with a bass-heavy helping of Ashley’s trademark energy & drive. With ‘Flaming June’s’ strong, reminiscent lead melody, Ashley Wallbridge’s ability to pull off a Remix brimming with nostalgia whilst retaining the Original’s groundbreaking emotion & progression is remarkably well executed in a full on Progressive House rendition. Proving to be a lead that matches perfectly with contemporary, big-room techniques, Ashley’s Remix combines a very modern crunching, cavernous bassline with the Original’s delicate, rippling melody to result in a Remix perfectly balanced between peak-time energy and classic euphoria. Ashley Wallbridge’s modern effort delivers a timely trip down memory lane. Released: March 4, 2016 BUY DIGITAL: BT Flaming June - Ashley Wallbridge Remix

BT’s Opus of Discovery (DJ Mag interview)

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Read the interview with Erin Sharoni at DJ Mag USA

“How do you define a multi-instrumentalist, multi-platinum artist who pioneered trance and IDM (intelligent dance music) while scoring Hollywood films and television series, building sound software, inventing production techniques and collaborating with the most influential acts on Earth?

The answer is, you don’t. You just ask him what he’s been up to lately.”

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